War (2019)

War (2019) is the Bollywood action thriller film directed by famous Siddharth Anand. It is produced by Aditya Chopra under his banner Yash Raj Films and stars Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. The film follows an Indian soldier assigned to eliminate his former mentor, who has gone rogue.

This photography of this film began in the second week of September 2018 and concluded in March 2019. Initially titled Fighters, the film’s title was changed after the release of the official teaser on July 2019. Its music was composed by Vishal-Shekhar, with the lyrics written by Kumaar and released under the umbrella of YRF Music. The War (2019) was released in India in 4DX on 2 October 2019, the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. This film has received generally positive reviews from critics with praise for the performance and dedication of Roshan and Shroff, but mainly, the criticism was on its storyline. The movie has set the record for the highest opening day collection for the Bollywood film in Indian.

War (2019) – Movie Details


The whole film is based around the story of Khalid, an Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) agent. He is assigned to eliminate Kabir, who is a former solider-turned-rogue who mentored Khalid. Two years before Kabir betrayed his associates, he, with his colleague Khalid and other agents, was on the mission to search for criminal-tuned businessman Rizwan Illiyasi. However, a fellow agent, “Saurabh,” betrays them. In a shootout, Kabir gets injured and admitted to Hospital while Khalid lay unconscious.

Kabir who was believed to be a deserter, is actually on an undercover mission is in search of a secret document. Khalid chases Kabir, but he escapes. Khalid realizes that Kabir is secretly serving the country by killing Illiyasi’s associates. Both Kabir and Khalid team up together and begin a search for illiyasi’s fourth associate after Kabir kills three of them. After facing many hurdles, both of them arrive in Kerala at the wedding ceremony of their co-worker “Aditi.”

In this event, Khalid poisons his teammate Kabir and recovers the documents. It is revealed when Khalid was chasing Saurabh two years prior; the former is killed by Illiyasi while the latter performs plastic surgery to disguise himself as Khalid. Saurabh hides the minor scars on his face with the help of a mask. Saurabh throws Kabir’s seemingly lifeless body into a river.

Saurabh returns to him headquarter, which is a fully loaded weapons ship. He launches a missile to the Indo-Pakistani border. Meanwhile, Kabir attacks the ship and confronts Saurabs, revealing that he had realized the latter was not Khalid due to his perfect aim and habit of drinking wine, which was not shared by Khalid. Kabir chases Saurabh, and after brutal fights in church, Kabir defeats Saurabh. The church’s dome collapses on Saurabh, killing him. The intelligence agency honors Khalid posthumously for his extraordinary sacrifice while Kabir continues his undercover mission.

War (2019) – Crew Details

Release 2019
Genre Action
Director Siddharth Anand
Stars Hrithik Roshan , Tiger Shroff , Vaani Kapoor
Languages Hindi, Urdu

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