2018 The Lie Thriller Movie Download Torrent

2018 The Lie Thriller Movie

2018 The Lie Thriller Movie is written yet directed by means of Veena Sud. The movie is a remake of the 2015 German movie We Monsters, then stars Mireille Enos, Peter Sarsgaard or Joey King. Jason Blum serves as much a cause under his Blumhouse Productions banner.
The Lie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival about September 13, 2018, then was released concerning October 6, 2020, with the aid of Amazon Studios.

2018 The Lie Thriller Movie – Details and Download Torrent

2018 The Lie Thriller Movie


While over her pathway after a shrink back organized through her ballet school together with her father Jay (Peter Sarsgaard), Kayla (Joey King) picks upon her friend, Brittany (Devery Jacobs) anybody is effective after the equal retreat. Excused through a loo break, Brittany or Kayla pace of the woods. A temperate minutes later, Jay hears Kayla cry and finds her placing regarding a bridge, alone. Kayla has an asthma attack yet has misplaced her inhaler. As she admits so much she pushed Brittany, Jay takes Brittany’s money yet rushes with Kayla in imitation of his ex-wife, Rebecca (Mireille Enos) whoever workshop as like a company lawyer.

Jay explains according to Rebecca in regard to where occurred or tells her as regards a contuse concerning Brittany’s face. Brittany’s father, Sam (Cas Anvar) seems at their house or interrogates Jay then Rebecca as regards his daughter’s whereabouts. When he insists regarding speakme in conformity with Kayla, Rebecca comes up including an excuse or says she is no longer at home. When Jay suggests so much Kayla ought to run in conformity with a inn for a temperate days, Sam discovers up to expectation Kayla is at home, ensuing in a combat including Jay. When Sam threatens after document to them after the police, Rebecca kinship her ex-colleague, Detective Kenji Tagata (Patti Kim) or says so much Sam abused his daughter and when Kenji interrogates Sam, Sam tells Kenji as regards Brittany’s unexpected or deep disappearance.

When Jay takes Kayla in imitation of his rental among downtown, that bails outdoors yet is observed by means of Sam but escapes successfully. Jay and Rebecca pace above in imitation of Sam’s house in conformity with secrete Brittany’s telephone but Sam sees them. After a war with Jay, that yet Rebecca without delay leave. When Sam indicates on within face over theirs car to stop them out of leaving, Rebecca hits him. The next morning, Brittany appears at theirs house, revealing as that used to be her graph entire along consequently she ought to consult her boyfriend. Kayla also speaks upon then says up to expectation he agreed in accordance with fake in imitation of push Brittany therefore that the tragic event would carry her dad and mom together. As the family embrace, incoming police sirens are heard.


  • Mireille Enos as Rebecca Logan
  • Peter Sarsgaard as Jay Logan
  • Joey King as Kayla Logan
  • Cas Anvar as Sam Ismali

2018 The Lie Thriller Movie – Trailer

2018 The Lie Thriller Movie – Download Torrent

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