2020 The Half of It Comedy Drama Film Download Torrent

2020 The Half of It Comedy Drama Film

2020 The Half of It Comedy Drama Film is written and directed by way of Alice Wu. It stars Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer, Alexxis Lemire, and Collin Chou. Netflix launched the movie on May 1, 2020 to fine reviews. The movie acquired the Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival.

2020 The Half of It Comedy Drama Film – Movie Details and Download Torrents

2020 The Half of It Comedy Drama Film


Friendless pupil Ellie Chu lives in the faraway city of Squahamish, where she makes more cash writing homework papers for her fellow students. She lives with her widowed father and performs most of his obligations as station grasp and signalman. She is approached with the aid of Paul Munsky, an inarticulate soccer player, to write a love letter to Aster Flores, a female at their school. Ellie is secretly in love with Aster and firstly refuses, however accepts the work after mastering that her home’s electrical energy will be shut off if they fail to make a minimal payment. Aster is relationship Trig, a boy from a rich family, and Ellie (posing as Paul) starts offevolved a heartfelt correspondence wi

th Aster in letters and textual content messages. The two commence to join over their shared pastimes in literature and art, even though Aster believes she is speaking with Paul. Meanwhile, Ellie’s English instructor encourages her to practice to Grinnell College, however Ellie plans to remain in Squahamish, notwithstanding being sad there, due to the fact she would not choose to depart her father.


Ellie units up Paul on a date with Aster, however it goes badly due to the fact Paul is unable to speak with her like Ellie can. She regards this as the give up of their attempts, however after Paul defends her from bullies, she has the same opinion to educate him about artwork and literature. Paul and Ellie commence to bond as they open up about their familial struggles. Paul’s 2nd date with Aster goes as badly as the first, however Ellie saves the night via texting Aster, pretending to be Paul, who all of sudden professes his romantic pastime in Aster, and later tells Ellie that he kissed her. Paul brings Ellie to a birthday celebration and takes her to his domestic after she will become intoxicated, the place he sees letters in her bag addressed to meals critics, most likely about his sausage creations.

Aster invitations Ellie to spend the day together. She takes her to a hidden warm spring the place they swim and share an intimate conversation. Aster exhibits that Trig intends to marry her, whilst Ellie displays that she does no longer accept as true with in God and talks about her deceased mother. Meanwhile, at Ellie’s house, Paul and her father bond as they make sausages. Later, Ellie watches from her window as Paul and Aster kiss, and she decides to follow to Grinnell. After a game, mistakenly believing that she loves him, and having developed emotions for her, Paul tries to kiss Ellie, however she rejects him. Aster sees them and walks away angrily.

Paul realizes that Ellie loves Aster and, due to his spiritual upbringing, tells Ellie that it is a sin. While cooking collectively again, Ellie’s father and Paul have a dialog about love. Trig proposes to Aster at a church service, however Ellie and Paul publicly interrupt the moment. Aster realizes that Ellie wrote the letters and texts to her, slaps Paul, and storms out.

Before leaving for Grinnell, Ellie apologizes to Aster for deceiving her. Aster admits she may also have had emotions for Ellie and that she is making use of to artwork school. Ellie kisses Aster and tells her that she’ll see her in a couple of years. Paul sees Ellie off at the educate platform and tells her that his sausages have acquired accurate reviews, and that he’ll preserve travelling her father. As in Ek Villain, the film they watched together, Paul runs except the teach as it leaves. Ellie laughs at his silliness, then observes the passengers round her as she goes off to begin a new experience in her life.

2020 The Half of It Comedy Drama Film – Trailer


  • Leah Lewis as Ellie Chu
  • Daniel Diemer as Paul Munsky
  • Alexxis Lemire as Aster Flores
  • Collin Chou as Edwin Chu
  • Catherine Curtin as Colleen Munsky

2020 The Half of It Comedy Drama Film – Download Torrent

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