2021 Blue Bayou Hollywood Movie Download Torrent

2021 Blue Bayou Hollywood Movie

2021 Blue Bayou Hollywood Movie is composed and coordinated by Justin Chon. The film stars Chon, Alicia Vikander, Mark O’Brien, Linh Dan Pham, Sydney Kowalske, Vondie Curtis-Hall and Emory Cohen.
Blue Bayou had its reality debut at the Cannes Film Festival in July 13, 2021 and was delivered in the United States on September 17, 2021, by Focus Features.

2021 Blue Bayou Hollywood Movie – Story and Download Torrent

2021 Blue Bayou Hollywood Movie


Antonio LeBlanc is a Korean-American adoptee and tattoo craftsman living external New Orleans with his pregnant spouse Kathy, a restoration medical caretaker, and her little girl Jessie. Because of his criminal record, he can’t track down extra work to help his family, however Kathy offers to continue attempting to assist with getting by.

In the wake of being actually irritated by NOPD officials Ace and Denny, the previous being Jessie’s missing organic dad, Antonio is savagely captured. He is put into ICE guardianship and faces extradition when it is uncovered that his new parents never naturalized him according to Child Citizenship Act of 2000. Antonio and Kathy try to pursue his extradition with the assistance of movement legal counselor Barry Boucher, who demands a $5,000 retainer. Barry cautions, nonetheless, that assuming his allure falls flat, he can always avoid America once more.


Antonio initiates a relationship with Parker, a Vietnamese outcast with terminal disease who came to America with her dad when she was a kid, and whose mother had kicked the bucket during the excursion. In the wake of getting a tattoo of Fleur-de-lis from Antonio, she welcomes his family to a mutual picnic at her home. Still unfit to bear the cost of Barry’s administrations, Antonio and his companions resort to taking cruisers and selling them, with Antonio almost getting found out. Antonio pays Barry, asserting that the cash was a development from work, which Kathy sees as dubious. Barry lets Antonio know that because of his criminal record and an absence of elements that would make his allure good, his most obvious opportunity is to look for help from his supportive mother, who is as yet alive — something Antonio had stowed away from Kathy.

Profoundly hurt over this absence of exposure and surprisingly more crushed by his refusal to contact his receptive mother, because of her refusal to protect themselves against his truly oppressive assenting father, Kathy leaves with Jessie and moves in with her mom. Having started to lose trust, Antonio cuts off his fellowship with Parker.
In the end, Antonio decides to see his presently bereaved mother, who seems emotionless and reluctant to show up for his preliminary. Antonio is terminated by his manager at the tattoo parlor because of neglected obligations. He sets things straight with Parker, whose disease has deteriorated. At the point when she falls oblivious, he takes her to the clinic. Kathy brings forth her and Antonio’s little girl, and they rejoin.

Upon the arrival of Antonio’s hearing, Kathy, Jessie, Antonio’s companions, Ace, and Antonio’s mom, show up to offer help. Antonio, unbeknownst to them, is kidnapped by Denny and his companions, who violently attack him and leave him for dead. Realizing that he’s destined to be ousted, Antonio endeavors to end it all by suffocating yet can’t force himself to do it. Denny boasts to Ace about attacking Antonio and making him miss his hearing, and Ace, appalled by Denny’s absence of regret, captures him.

Subsequent to saying his last farewells to his companions, Antonio is accompanied by ICE to the air terminal for extradition to South Korea. Expecting to go with him, Kathy and Jessie figure out how to find Antonio at the air terminal. Pro additionally shows up, needing to say his goodbyes to Jessie before she leaves. Not having any desire to dislodge his own family and not realizing where he’ll be sent, Antonio advises them to remain in America. Unfit to relinquish a miserable Jessie, Antonio is coercively isolated from her as she shouts out for him.

As the film closes, genuine instances of other unnaturalized adoptees who are either confronting extradition or have been expelled are shown, alongside the evaluations by the Adoptee Rights Campaign of worldwide adoptees who face comparative conditions.


  • Justin Chon as Antonio LeBlanc
  • Alicia Vikander as Kathy LeBlanc
  • Mark O’Brien as Ace
  • Linh Dan Pham as Parker

2021 Blue Bayou Hollywood Movie – Trailer

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