2021 C’mon C’mon Hollywood Movie Download Torrent

2021 C'mon C'mon Hollywood Movie

2021 C’mon C’mon Hollywood Movie is composed and coordinated by Mike Mills. It stars Joaquin Phoenix, Gaby Hoffmann, Scoot McNairy, Molly Webster, Jaboukie Young-White, and Woody Norman. The film had its reality debut at the 48th Telluride Film Festival on September 2, 2021, and was delivered in restricted auditoriums on November 19, 2021, by A24. It has gotten approval from pundits, with acclaim for its exhibitions, course, and cinematography.

2021 C’mon C’mon Hollywood Movie – Download Torrent

2021 C'mon C'mon Hollywood Movie


Johnny is a radio columnist venturing to every part of the country with his delivering accomplices, talking with youngsters regarding their lives and their contemplations on what’s to come. While in Detroit he calls his sister Viv; they had not represented the previous year since their mom’s passing from dementia. Viv inquires as to whether he can come to Los Angeles and watch her nine-year-old child Jesse, as she needs to go to Oakland to really focus on her alienated spouse Paul battling with psychological sickness. Johnny concurs, and he and Jesse rapidly produce a bond regardless of Jesse’s unpalatable character and Johnny’s reluctance to discuss his own life.

Viv encounters troubles managing Paul and needs to remain surprisingly lengthy in Oakland, while Johnny is constrained by his accomplices to get back to work. Johnny persuades Viv to allow him to return Jesse with him to New York City. Jesse progressively drives Johnny up the wall, and Johnny ultimately lashes out at Jesse, frightening him; he later apologizes at Viv’s asking. He tells Jesse the best way to work his sound gear and allows him to go along to more meetings with youngsters. Jesse keeps on asking Johnny inquiries regarding his own life and his relationship with Viv. It is uncovered that Johnny and Viv battled about their mom’s deathbed with contrasting assessments on the best way to really focus on her, and that Johnny was once in a drawn out relationship with a lady, called Louisa, whom he actually cherishes.


Jesse gets nostalgic and longs to see his mom, while Johnny is progressively constrained to get back to the street and resume work. Johnny repurchases him a boarding pass to LA, however in transit Jesse solicitations to pause and utilize the washroom, locking himself inside and declining to leave until Johnny yields and allows him to remain. Johnny accepts Jesse to New Orleans as the team keeps on talking youngsters. Jesse starts to pose inquiries about his dad and what’s up with him, and communicates dread that he will grow up to have similar issues himself. Johnny consoles Jesse that this won’t occur, as Viv has shown him how to manage his feelings in a better manner.

Viv later calls and says that Paul has acknowledged treatment and is improving, and the specialists are allowing him to get back home. Johnny imparts the uplifting news to Jesse, who abruptly flees through a recreation area in dread. Johnny gets up to speed and lets him know it is OK to say he is troubled; they shout together in dissatisfaction until Jesse starts snickering. Viv flies to New Orleans to get Jesse and return him to Los Angeles; Johnny vows to keep in contact with the two of them. Johnny later sends Jesse a voice recording relating all that occurred on their excursion, as Jesse had mentioned so he doesn’t fail to remember the experience.


  • Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny
  • Gaby Hoffmann as Viv
  • Woody Norman as Jesse
  • Scoot McNairy as Paul

2021 C’mon C’mon Hollywood Movie – Trailer

2021 C’mon C’mon Hollywood Movie – Download Torrent

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