2021 Intrusion Thriller Movie Download Torrent

2021 Intrusion Thriller Movie

2021 Intrusion Thriller Movie is coordinated by Adam Salky and composed by Christopher Sparling, featuring Freida Pinto and Logan Marshall-Green. It was delivered on September 22, 2021, by Netflix.

2021 Intrusion Thriller Movie – Download Torrent and Cast

2021 Intrusion Thriller Movie


Bosom malignant growth survivor Meera and her better half, engineer Henry Parsons, have as of late moved into a disconnected, super current house in Corrales, New Mexico, which Henry planned and assembled. Meera is tormented by worries over her disease returning, however Henry seems, by all accounts, to be strong, having really focused on her when she initially ended up being wiped out. One evening, subsequent to getting back from a night out on the town, the couple observe that their home has been broken into and destroyed; the main things taken are a PC and their phones, which they left behind so as not to be an interruption during their date. Subsequent to conversing with Detective Stephen Morse, Henry introduces a security framework at the house.

A couple of days after the fact, Meera is woken in the night by an odd commotion, like that of shaking pipes that Morse had referenced to the couple during his visit. Later she fruitlessly attempts to turn on the light, Henry goes outside to check the generator and observes it has been crushed. He understands the gatecrashers have returned subsequent to spotting spotlight radiates in the windows; running back inside, he finds Meera bound and choked. He delivers her and they attempt to get away, yet are sought after by a gathering of concealed men. Meera figures out how to get into her vehicle, however at that point hears shots from inside the house. An injured man lurches outside, trailed by Henry, who shoots him.


At the police headquarters, Meera contends with Henry over having subtly kept a firearm in the house. They are shown mugshots of the three gatecrashers, one of whom is as yet alive and in ICU at the nearby emergency clinic. They were individuals from the Cobb family, living in a once-over trailer park on the edges of town. The couple is additionally informed that understudy Christine Cobb has as of late disappeared, and that the triplet is suspected to have been associated with her vanishing, which may go inexplicable except if Cobb recuperates. Meera is left damaged by the occasions, and Henry attempts to urge her to put it behind them as they attempt to continue on.

One evening, when Henry drives off to purchase supplies for the housewarming party they had been aiming to have, Meera sees he has abandoned his wallet and, scared of being separated from everyone else in the house, chooses to follow him, which prompts her seeing him head toward the neighborhood clinic rather than the store. Diverted, she slams into another vehicle, ruining her interest. Back at the house, she lets Henry know what occurred and questions him, to which he answers that he basically messed up.

With her vehicle in the body shop, Meera acquires Henry’s vehicle to get to work. In the parking area, she is drawn nearer by Morse, who illuminates her that the enduring interloper has kicked the bucket, in this manner shutting the case. She likewise discovers that he kicked the bucket on that very night she followed Henry to the emergency clinic, and had been giving indications of progress in advance. Dubious, Meera observes the Cobb personal residence in the wake of glancing through the GPS record on Henry’s vehicle. After getting there, she observes an envelope bearing the logo of Henry’s development organization inside their trailer.

She opens the family’s letter box and takes the bundle inside, which contains a camcorder; before she leaves, a neighbor annoys her, professing to have seen Henry’s vehicle there a couple of days sooner and blaming her for “sneaking around”. Back at the house, Meera can’t play the tape as the camera won’t work as expected, and orders another one on the web. While looking through Henry’s office, she tracks down a Pendrive with photographs of the development of their home, in which she recognizes Dylan Cobb as one of the specialists; she additionally sees pictures of Christine at the building site.

The following day, Meera defies Henry; he uncovers that he was shy of cash to wrap up building the house, and serious extortion to bring down the development costs, however he expected to repay the specialists straightaway. He terminated Dylan, a medication fiend, subsequent to seeing him abuse his girl, Christine; Dylan was irritated, taking steps to uncover Henry’s dodgy monetary dealings. Henry had been paying him to stay silent, however later he halted, Dylan and the other Cobb men broke into the house for retribution.

Having been consoled by Henry’s clarification, the trust among Meera and her better half is reneewed, and she shows no interest in checking the video when the new camera ultimately shows up. The evening of the housewarming party, nonetheless, she ends up passing by the TV as it plays a news thing about the as yet missing Christine Cobb, which prompts her choosing to watch the tape. On it, Dylan blusters concerning how he never loved the manner in which Henry checked out his little girl, and states that later Christine vanished, he’d gone to Henry’s home with his canine to attempt to accumulate proof of his inclusion and the canine began woofing irately nearby the workplace, as though perceiving a fragrance.

In Henry’s office, Meera finds a secret switch, which opens a mysterious entryway that prompts a storm cellar she didn’t know existed. After plunging, she is alarmed to see a choked and blindfolded Christine, bound to a seat by ties appended to pipes, understanding that the young lady’s developments were the reason for the banging clamors which had been recently heard in the house. Henry shows up before Meera can free her, noteworthy that he has consistently felt specific desires and that delightful them was the main way they could be together, at which focuses she calculates that Henry assembled their home so he could have a spot to stay quiet. She attempts to find support, yet Henry overwhelms her and ties her up prior to returning higher up to send the visitors home.

In the mean time, Meera figures out how to break out of her bonds and delivery Christine. Henry returns to the storm cellar as they are attempting to get away, and a pursuit results. Henry takes out Meera and hauls Christine back down to the storm cellar. There, he ties her up again and is going to kill her, yet is rather lethally harmed when Meera hits his head with a clock he had given her on their first date. As he kicks the bucket, Henry questions Meera over who will currently deal with her; she reacts that she will deal with herself. The last scene shows Meera moving out of the now unfilled house and heading out.


  • Freida Pinto as Meera Parsons
  • Logan Marshall-Green as Henry Parsons
  • Robert John Burke as Detective Stephen Morse
  • Sarah Minnich as Joanne Waterston
  • Yvette Fazio-Delaney as construction crew member / suspect
  • Clint Obenchain as Clint Oxbow

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