2021 My Son Hollywood Thriller Movie Download Torrent

2021 My Son Hollywood Thriller Movie

2021 My Son Hollywood Thriller Movie is composed and coordinated by Christian Carion. It is an English-language revamp of his 2017 French film Mon garçon, which featured entertainers Guillaume Canet and Mélanie Laurent.

2021 My Son Hollywood Thriller Movie – Story and Download Torrent

2021 My Son Hollywood Thriller Movie


Edmond Murray (James McAvoy) is a missing dad who is called to the site of his child Ethan’s vanishing. He meets and momentarily comforts his ex Joan (Claire Foy) there, and speedily joins a hunt party before later talking with the police.

Subsequent to meeting with the police, Edmond visits his ex’s new accomplice, Frank, and the two start talking. Subsequent to seeing that Frank has made arrangements for another home for he and Joan (without a room convenience for Ethan), and after hearing that Frank’s given Joan a Valium to help her rest, Edmond becomes perturbed and fierce, blaming Frank for being liable for his child’s vanishing. He attacks him in the kitchen, thumping him oblivious and calling Inspector Roy to have him investigate Frank.


Edmond is captured and no charges are documented, as Frank is clearly sympathetic of Edmond because of his enthusiastic pressure right now. He is subsequently met by Inspector Roy, who conceals Edmond’s telephone in a microwave (as not to be heard), and illuminates him that he has been removed the situation with practically no clarification.

Edmond glances through Frank’s telephone (which he swiped subsequent to taking him out) and finds recordings of Ethan paving the way to the vanishing. During this, he understands there is a vehicle present the two recordings, fourteen days separated, stowed away scarcely hidden. Depending on Joan’s sibling who works in the protection business, Edmond gets the vehicle proprietor’s location.

In the wake of showing up at the area, he hears a vehicle approach. Hanging carefully hidden, Edmond snatches a crowbar and at last takes out the outsider, and ties him up to a post in the shed. After a forceful cross examination including a blowtorch, the outsider uncovers that he is liable for sending pictures of kids outside of schools to intrigued hijackers, who then, at that point “pick” who will be abducted. Subsequent to being recounted his child’s area, Edmond surges uphill to a hotel, where three detainers are inside.

Edmond effectively cripples their vehicle, takes out one of their associates, tracks down his child, and transfers his area to Joan and Inspector Roy. After a close shave, Edmond is harmed and veers off the street. Joan and Ethan leave, taking cover behind a tree – just to be met by Inspector Roy who takes them to security.

Outside encompassed by water and mountains, Joan and Edmond remain with Ethan as he flies a RC helicopter. Reviewer Roy lets Edmond know that it is the ideal opportunity for them to leave, and he says goodbye to his child. As the film closes, Inspector Roy makes reference to that the appointed authority will probably consider the advantage of Edmond’s activities, as there is a much more prominent organization of criminals destined to be captured – demonstrating an advantage to Edmond’s generally unlawful activities.


  • James McAvoy as Edmond Murray
  • Claire Foy as Joan Richmond
  • Gary Lewis as Inspector Roy
  • Tom Cullen as Frank
  • Jamie Michie as Hunter

2021 My Son Hollywood Thriller Movie – Trailer

2021 My Son Hollywood Thriller Movie – Download Torrent

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