2021 Prisoners of the Ghostland Hollywood Horror Movie Download Torrent

2021 Prisoners of the Ghostland Hollywood Horror Movie

2021 Prisoners of the Ghostland Hollywood Horror Movie is coordinated by Sion Sono, from a content by Aaron Hendry and Reza Sixo Safai. It stars Nicolas Cage, Sofia Boutella, and Bill Moseley. Its plot spins around a famous lawbreaker, Hero (Nicolas Cage), who is shipped off salvage the lead representative’s embraced granddaughter, who has vanished into a dull area called Ghostland.

The film had its reality debut at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival on January 31, 2021. The film was delivered in theaters and on record on request on September 17, 2021, by RLJE Films. Pundits gave the film commonly blended to positive surveys.

2021 Prisoners of the Ghostland Hollywood Horror Movie – Cast and Download Torrent

2021 Prisoners of the Ghostland Hollywood Horror Movie


In a locale in Japan crushed and isolated years prior in a mishap where exceptionally unpredictable atomic waste was spilled later an accident between the waste vehicle and a jail transport, a settlement called Samurai Town is managed by a corrupt Governor who has mixed components of Japanese society (both present day and pre-current) and the old American West together at his impulse, and is keeping a collection of mistresses of took on “granddaughters” as his sex slaves.


The outside is a no man’s land known as the Ghostland, occupied by half-frenzied pariahs and survivors of the illuminated climate. Not long before the disaster, Hero, a crook, was detained in the fallout of a messed up bank burglary where his accomplice Psycho mercilessly killed a few blameless onlookers. It is subsequently uncovered that Psycho was in the jail transport which crashed into the waste truck and consequently set off the fiasco.

One evening, Bernice, one of the “granddaughters”, escapes from the Governor’s home with her companions Stella and Nanci, just to get abandoned in the Ghostland. The Governor has Hero let to recover Bernice out of the Ghostland, and outfits him with a bodysuit which is set to explode unstable charges on the off chance that he abuses Bernice in any capacity, the go for whatever itself might prefer is altered, or Bernice has not been safeguarded inside five days. While withdrawing, Hero attempts a splitting token of resistance against the Governor which intrigues Yasujiro, the Governor’s samurai guardian whose sister is one of the Governor’s “granddaughters”.

After entering the Ghostland, Hero is captured by a band of transformed men, experiences a mishap and is taken by the outsiders to their clique like area and their chief, Enoch. He tracks down Bernice among them however she is half-mental from injury. As he gets ready to move her back, Hero incidentally triggers one of his suit’s explosives, which obliterates one of his gonads and renders him oblivious. In a horrible flashback, Hero perceives Bernice as a little kid whose mother was killed while he attempted to get away from the police later the bank burglary and who was accordingly taken in by the Governor. Assaulted by the freaks from prior, Hero is delivered oblivious when a dangerous on his arm is set off, not long before the attackers disappear. Nonetheless, the explosion shakes Bernice from her mental shock.

In the mean time, Stella gets back from the Ghostland and is caught by the Governor’s men, who has Yasujiro execute her, which at long last turns him against the Governor. Having had a disclosure during his obviousness about his unplanned job in the calamity, Hero blends the Ghostlanders into a rebel against the Governor, helped by Psycho and the freaks, his kindred convicts from the critical mishap.

Legend and Bernice return to Samurai Town, yet when the Governor won’t open the suit and Hero claims to kidnap Bernice, Bernice’s companion Susie, damaged from the Governor’s treatment of her, slaughters a few of his guardians with a minigun. Saint, Bernice, and Yasujiro defeat the rest of, Hero goes head to head against and kills Yasujiro while Bernice shoots the Governor. With the oppressor dead and the pariahs freed, Hero, Bernice, and Susie watch as Samurai Town mixes with new, more liberated life.


  • Nicolas Cage as Hero
  • Sofia Boutella as Bernice
  • Maya Carraz as Young Bernice
  • Bill Moseley as The Governor
  • Nick Cassavetes as Psycho

2021 Prisoners of the Ghostland Hollywood Horror Movie – Trailer

2021 Prisoners of the Ghostland Hollywood Horror Movie – Download Torrent

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