2021 Red Rocket Hollywood Comedy Movie Download Torrent

2021 Red Rocket Hollywood Comedy Movie

2021 Red Rocket Hollywood Comedy Movie is coordinated via Sean Baker from a screenplay co-composed with Chris Bergoch. It stars Simon Rex, Bree Elrod, and Suzanna Son. The plot follows a pornography star (Rex) who gets back to his old neighborhood and starts a relationship with a young adult young lady (Son). The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in contest for the Palme d’Or on July 14, 2021. It was delivered in restricted venues on December 10, 2021, by A24. It got acclaim for its bearing and Rex’s presentation and gotten an assortment of grants and designations. The National Board of Review recorded it among the main ten movies of the year. Rex additionally won Best Actor grants from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and the Independent Spirit Awards.

2021 Red Rocket Hollywood Comedy Movie – Story and Download Torrent

2021 Red Rocket Hollywood Comedy Movie


Following a 17-year nonappearance, Mikey Saber gets back to Texas City, his Gulf Coast old neighborhood. Gravely swollen and practically broke, Mikey shows up at the unassuming home shared by Lexi, his alienated spouse, and her mom Lil. Mikey asks Lexi and Lil to allow him to remain at their home; they hesitantly concur however demand that he find a new line of work and perform family errands.

The attractive and quick talking Mikey attempts to land work at a neighborhood cafe and a Dollar General store, however is ruined by an almost twenty-year hole in his list of qualifications. After Mikey owns up to potential businesses that he went through those years functioning as a pornography star in Los Angeles, they won’t enlist him. Frantic, Mikey convinces Leondria, a maryjane vendor, to give him his old occupation back selling pot. Leondria and her girl June presume that Mikey will partake in the reefer himself. Be that as it may, after he gets back with his profit, their business plan proceeds.


Mikey gives Lexi and Lil a month’s lease ahead of time and takes them to a doughnut shop to celebrate. Mikey is stricken with Strawberry, an appealing 17-year-old young lady who works at the counter. He consistently gets back to the doughnut shop and convinces Strawberry to allow him to offer pot to the development laborers who regular the shop. Strawberry and Mikey before long beginning a sexual relationship.

In the wake of dozing on the lounge chair for quite a long time, Mikey begins having intercourse with Lexi. In the long run she welcomes him to share her room. At the point when Mikey vanishes for an end of the week with Strawberry, Lexi becomes dubious and envious. They squabble and Lexi flings an espresso pot which barely misses Mikey’s head.

Mikey becomes companions with Lexi’s neighbor Lonnie, who is interested by Mikey’s fanciful stories about his pornography vocation and sexual experiences. They visit a strip club and get to know each other, yet Mikey’s indiscretion makes Lonnie steer across traffic at a roadway exit ramp, making an enormous vehicle stack up. After Mikey convinces Lonnie to conceal his contribution in the mishap, Lonnie accepts sole obligation for the accident when he is captured.

At the point when Mikey makes Strawberry say a final farewell to Nash, her secondary school sweetheart, Nash and his folks stand up to Mikey in the doughnut shop parking garage and thump him. Mikey convinces Strawberry to make a trip with him to Los Angeles to seek after a vocation in pornos.

After Mikey illuminates Lexi that he is leaving the following morning, she and Lil persuade Leondria to send June and her siblings to seize the $3,000 that Mikey acquired from selling pot. At the point when Leondria’s youngsters defy him while he is dozing, Mikey slips away a room window stripped and races to Leondria’s home to beseech her to return his cash.

Leondria gives Mikey $200 and advises him to leave or face the danger of viciousness. Embarrassed and almost broke once more, Mikey leaves with a couple of pitiful belongings. In the wake of walking practically the entire night to Strawberry’s home, Mikey envisions seeing her wearing a red two-piece in her front entryway and his eyes well with tears.


  • Simon Rex as Mikey “Saber” Davies
  • Bree Elrod as Lexi Davies
  • Suzanna Son as Strawberry / Raylee

2021 Red Rocket Hollywood Comedy Movie – Trailer

2021 Red Rocket Hollywood Comedy Movie – Download Torrent

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