2021 The Guilty Hollywood Crime Thriller Movie Download Torrent

2021 The Guilty Hollywood Crime Thriller Movie

2021 The Guilty Hollywood Crime Thriller Movie is coordinated and delivered by Antoine Fuqua, from a screenplay by Nic Pizzolatto. A redo of the 2018 Danish film of a similar name, the film stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Christina Vidal, with the voices of Ethan Hawke, Riley Keough, Eli Goree, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Paul Dano, and Peter Sarsgaard.

The Guilty had its reality debut at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2021. The film was delivered in a restricted delivery on September 24, 2021, then, at that point, carefully on Netflix on October 1. It got good audits from pundits, with Gyllenhaal’s exhibition being lauded, however it is felt that the change was sub-par compared to the first film.

2021 The Guilty Hollywood Crime Thriller Movie – Story and Download Torrent

2021 The Guilty Hollywood Crime Thriller Movie


Upset LAPD official Joe Baylor is working the night shift at an emergency call focus while he anticipates a court hearing for an episode that happened on the job eight months earlier. He answers a call from a lady named Emily Lighton who uncovers she has been snatched. Joe discovers that she and her abductor are going in a white van, yet Emily is compelled to hang up before she can give more subtleties. He transfers the data to the California Highway Patrol yet they can’t find the van without a tag number.


Joe calls Emily’s home telephone and talks with her six-year-old little girl Abby, who lets Joe know that her mother went out with her father, Henry Fisher. Subsequent to getting Henry’s wireless number from Abby, Joe can recover the van’s plate number, which he transfers to the CHP. He additionally sends a watch vehicle to keep an eye on Abby and her child sibling, Oliver. Joe learns Henry has a record of attack. He calls Henry and requests to know where he is taking Emily, yet Henry hangs up. Joe then, at that point, calls his previous accomplice Rick, who is off the clock, and requests that he visit Henry’s home. Rick communicates worry about Joe’s hearing, at which he is set to give declaration.

Joe gets a terrified call from Abby when two officials show up at her home; he teaches her to give them access. The officials notice blood on Abby and, after looking through the property, observe Oliver in the room either seriously harmed or dead. Joe then, at that point, gets back to Emily and persuades her to pull the handbrake of the van, which she does, yet it neglects to crash the vehicle. Henry places Emily into the rear of the van. She mournfully lets Joe know that she accepted Oliver had “snakes in his stomach” and that she “took them out”. At the point when Henry stops the van and attempts to eliminate Emily from the back, she hits him with a block and escapes.

In the interim, Rick breaks into Henry’s condo and observes archives from a mental treatment office in San Bernardino where Emily had been a patient. Joe calls Henry once more, who clarifies he was returning Emily to the office; she had been off her drug for various weeks since they couldn’t bear the cost of them and, during a maniacal episode, accidentally hurt Oliver. Henry says he didn’t report the occurrence to the police since he doesn’t confide in the criminal equity framework.

Emily gets back to Joe from a road bridge, inferring that she is getting ready to pass on by self destruction. Joe coordinates the CHP to her area while endeavoring to talk her down; he attempts to divert her by uncovering that he killed a 19-year-old while on the job since he was furious with him for harming somebody and “on the grounds that I could”. Joe tells Emily that Abby needs her and that he guaranteed Abby she would return home. As officials show up, Emily says she is “going to go be with Oliver”, and the line goes dead. Joe thinks she has hopped, however later he receives a message from the CHP, saying that they got her to descend securely. He likewise discovers that Oliver is alive and in the ICU at the clinic.

In the bathroom, an upset Joe calls Rick and requests that he retract his past articulation about the episode. He requests that Rick come clean at the conference, regardless of whether it implies he will go through years in jail. Joe then, at that point, calls the Los Angeles Times to illuminate a journalist that he will concede to a charge of murder.


  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Joe Baylor
  • Christina Vidal as Sergeant Denise Wade
  • Adrian Martinez as Manny

2021 The Guilty Hollywood Crime Thriller Movie – Trailer

2021 The Guilty Hollywood Crime Thriller Movie – Download Torrent

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