2021 The Voyeurs Hollywood Thriller Movie Download Torrent

2021 The Voyeurs Hollywood Thriller Movie

2021 The Voyeurs Hollywood Thriller Movie is composed and coordinated by Michael Mohan. Shot and set in Montreal, it stars Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith as a youthful couple who spy on and become fixated by the existences of their neighbors across the road (Ben Hardy and Natasha Liu Bordizzo). Greg Gilreath and Adam Hendricks fill in as makers under their Divide/Conquer standard.

It was delivered on September 10, 2021, by Amazon Studios, on the Amazon Prime Video real time feature. The film got blended audits from pundits, who contrasted it horribly with its progenitors in the voyeuristic thrill ride type, like Rear Window (1954) and Body Double (1984).

2021 The Voyeurs Hollywood Thriller Movie – Story and Download Torrent

2021 The Voyeurs Hollywood Thriller Movie


A youthful couple, Pippa and Thomas, move into their first condo together in Montreal. They before long understand that their windows gaze straight into the condo across the road, where a man with an expert studio is taking photos of a lady. Pippa and Thomas watch as the couple have intercourse. Thomas keeps on watching right away, however stops at Pippa’s demand. They flippantly give their neighbors pseudo names, Margot and Brent.


Pippa, who functions as a learner optometrist at L’Optique, gets a bird feeder from her supervisor as a housewarming gift. Pippa purchases a couple of optics so she and Thomas can watch the couple. They frequently see “Brent” having intercourse with a few models while “Margot” is out.

Pippa communicates interest in knowing what the neighbors are saying, in the long run discovering that Thomas realizes a way of tuning in on another room utilizing a laser pointer; the interaction requires an intelligent surface to send the laser shaft back to them. At the point when “Brent” and “Margot” set up a Halloween outfit party in their loft, Pippa and Thomas sneak in by acting like visitors. Pippa plants a mirror in the loft, later permitting her and Thomas to tune in on their discussions. They are disrupted to hear “Margot” go up against “Brent” about his infidelity; “Brent” attacks “Margot” and persuades her that her doubts are unwarranted.

The following day, “Margot”, whose genuine name is Julia, visits L’Optique and gets an eye test and new glasses from Pippa. Julia welcomes Pippa to hang out. Pippa needs to caution Julia about “Brent’s” infidelity, however Thomas demands that she quit keeping an eye on the neighbors. Afterward, Pippa and Julia meet at a spa; Julia uncovers that her better half is named Sebastian, or Seb, and is a notable photographic artist.

Pippa notices Seb having a trio and discarding a condom a short time later. She later finds how to get to Julia and Seb’s remote printer, which she uses to secretly open Seb’s betrayals to Julia, referencing the condom as evidence. Thomas irately defies Pippa about being so put resources into Julia and Seb’s lives. The following morning, Pippa apologizes to Thomas and vows to quit watching the neighbors. Notwithstanding, they then, at that point, see Seb find Julia’s body in the restroom, after she apparently cut her own throat. Thomas faults Pippa for Julia’s demise, says a final farewell to her, and leaves.

Albeit crushed, Pippa keeps on watching Seb and one evening chooses to follow him to a close by bar. Seb sits by Pippa and they talk. He requests that she let him photo her at his loft, which she acknowledges. Seb persuades Pippa to present naked for him, and they at last engage in sexual relations. After getting back, Thomas devours a beverage Pippa left in the fridge and empties it into her bird feeder. He sees Pippa having intercourse with Seb across the road. The following morning, a frightened Pippa finds Thomas dead in their condo, having obviously hanged himself.

Pippa and her companion Ari go to Seb’s show, which ends up being a cooperation with Julia, who is alive. Pippa and Thomas are uncovered to be the subjects of the display. Seb and Julia uncover that they own the loft leased by Pippa and Thomas (whose rent incorporated a condition expressing that they assented to be shot), and they realized they were being watched. Troubled, Pippa stomps off. She chooses to move out of the condo, and notification dead birds on a mesh just underneath her bird feeder.

Following a meeting advancing their show, Seb and Julia get back to track down a salutary container of wine by their entryway. As they drink the wine, Pippa makes an impression on their printer saying she realizes they killed Thomas. Subsequent to driving Seb and Julia into L’Optique, Pippa derives that while she was having intercourse with Seb, Julia harmed Thomas’ beverage and organized his self-destruction. Pippa likewise uncovers that she spiked their wine, making Julia and Seb faint. Pippa places the two under a LASIK machine, utilizing it to consume their retinas.

Another couple have moved into Pippa and Thomas’ previous condo. They notice Seb and Julia in their condo, both of whom are currently visually impaired. Pippa watches Seb and Julia from the housetop, prior to abandoning her optics.

  • CastSydney Sweeney as Pippa
  • Justice Smith as Thomas
  • Ben Hardy as Sebastian
  • Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Julia
  • Katharine King So as Ari

2021 The Voyeurs Hollywood Thriller Movie – Trailer

2021 The Voyeurs Hollywood Thriller Movie – Download Torrent

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