2022 A Day to Die Action Movie Download Torrent

2022 A Day to Die Action Movie

2022 A Day to Die Action Movie is composed, coordinated, and created by Wes Miller. It stars Kevin Dillon, Bruce Willis, Gianni Capaldi, Brooke Butler, Leon, and Frank Grillo. The film was delivered on March 4, 2022, by Vertical Entertainment.

2022 A Day to Die Action Movie – Cast and Download Torrent


Connor Connolly, a shamed probation officer, becomes obliged to a nearby medication head boss, Tyrone Pettis, in the wake of having no real option except to kill one of the last’s young implementers (an “resource”). After having his pregnant spouse Candice stole by Pettis as influence, Connor is compelled to pull off a progression of perilous medication heists in something like twelve hours to pay the $2 million bucks he presently owes.

Connor initiates his old colleagues to direct the heists with him, salvage his captured pregnant spouse, and dole out a retribution with the city’s bad police boss Alston that had deceived them a long time back in a messed up prisoner circumstance that prompted the previous group’s disbandment. Alston is subtly in an uncomfortable partnership with Pettis, who had supported his ascent to control. The group proceeds with the heists, and stands up to Pettis while protecting Candice, prior to coming to a common comprehension and participating in one last heist trying to disturb Alston’s criminal tasks. Eventually, Connor, Pettis, and Candace effectively escape the country, while Alston, having been recorded during the continuous heist gunning down one of his subordinates that was getting onto his unlawful exercises, is captured.


  • Kevin Dillon as Connor Connolly
  • Bruce Willis as Alston, the police chief
  • Frank Grillo as Brice Mason, the ex-captain of a “ghost” squad
  • Leon as Tyrone Pettis, the local drug kingpin

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2022 A Day to Die Action Movie – Download Torrent

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