2022 A Madea Homecoming Comedy Movie Download Torrent

2022 A Madea Homecoming Comedy Movie

2022 A Madea Homecoming Comedy Movie is created, composed, and coordinated by Tyler Perry and his second film to be delivered by Netflix. Other than Perry, the film stars Cassi Davis-Patton, David Mann, Tamela Mann, Gabrielle Dennis, and Brendan O’Carroll. It is the twelfth film in the Madea true to life universe which recounts the tale of Madea participating in her extraordinary grandson’s school graduation celebration as covered up mysteries arise. It was delivered on February 25, 2022. It is adjusted from Perry’s stage play Madea’s Farewell Play, the principal Madea film to be adjusted from a phase play since A Madea Christmas. The film is likewise a hybrid between the Madea establishment and the Irish sitcom Mrs. Brown’s Boys.

2022 A Madea Homecoming Comedy Movie – Cast and Torrent

2022 A Madea Homecoming Comedy Movie


In Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Brown (David Mann) is preparing to make a grill and he begins placing in an excess of gas, Joe (Tyler Perry) defies Brown about it however he doesn’t tune in. Joe then goes to the kitchen where Madea (likewise played by Tyler Perry) is, and through the window, they see Brown setting himself ablaze and he winds up consuming a tree in the front yard that Madea recently planted.

In the interim, other relatives are preparing for Tim’s (Brandon Black) school graduation festivity. Afterward, Cora (Tamela Mann) comes to Madea’s home with food and they begin discussing how uproars made many spots in their area get copied down. Before long, Laura (Gabrielle Dennis) shows up with her companion Sylvia (Geneva Maccrone) who was her legal counselor during her separation.


Later on, Tim and his companion Davi (Isha Blaaker) join the blend alongside Tim’s auntie Ellie (Candace Maxwell) who is wearing her police uniform, and Joe stands up to her about it and advises her to dispose of that police uniform, adding that police are crooks. She rejects, yet later removes her police uniform to make him quit whining about it.

Time elapses and Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis) shows up saying she was drained, yet she’s in a good place again when she sees Davi and Tim, thus she begins hitting on them. However at that point Joe tells her that he thinks the two young men are gay.

At the party, Agnes Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) and her little girl Cathy (Jennifer Gibney) show up and after an inconsiderate signal (doing the “Wakanda Forever” salute, thinking her hosts were valid Africans), Cora hammers the entryway on them yet allows them a subsequent opportunity, opening it once more. Confounded by why they are in the house (as well as Agnes making a joke on Madea’s size) Madea gets her by her scarf, lifts her up and begins compromising her, however Davi makes sense of that Agnes is his extraordinary auntie. When she sees everybody is quietly gazing at her dubiously, Agnes says “For what reason do all of you seem as though you have your pants in a bundle?”. In any case, Madea, Joe, Bam and every other person mishear “pants” as “niggers” however she makes sense of that “pants” are clothing, in any event, venturing to lifting up her skirt to show what pants are.

They generally go to supper at Red Lobster, where Brown and Agnes are having a decent discussion however Brown says that his glucose levels are getting low, so Cora really takes a look at in Madea’s satchel for a treats and gives it to Brown and Agnes. Madea returns from the restroom which she said there was a long queue for and starts to think back about the days when she had some work as a stripper which ticks Cora off a little. She reminds Madea that she and the others need to partake in a pleasant supper and that looking at stripping is simply going to destroy the mind-set. To counter Cora’s contention, Madea attempts to show that the eatery is loaded up with strippers by yelling a line from “Up”, just to have virtually every one of the ladies inside stop what they’re doing and answer back to her.

Joe shows up wearing Black Lives Matter memorabilia and resumes offending Ellie in light of her occupation as a cop. After supper, they head back to the house where Tim’s dad, Richard (Amani Atkinson) has been pausing and when he puts his hand on Madea’s arm to stand out, she shoots her firearm at the roof all of a sudden, startling everybody and causing Joe to poop in his calfskin pants.

Afterward, Laura has a discussion with Agnes while washing the dishes, where she uncovers that after graduation Davi will get back to Ireland to assume control over his granddad’s homestead, as concurred. Shockingly, Laura is confounded by this.

Tim advises everybody to come to the patio to make a unique declaration. He winds up emerging as gay, however nobody is stunned, saying they had known as of now and that they were glad for him. Then, Sylvia uncovers that she had been dating Richard in secret which further sets off Madea. She arranges Richard and Sylvia to leave since they are not family, but rather Richard declines. Madea then, at that point, breaks out her shotgun once more, taking steps to shoot, so he leaves.

Sooner or later, Cora begins to see Mr. Brown and Agnes are acting peculiar thus she believes it’s his glucose, she lets Madea know that she gave them some of sweets in her satchel, and afterward Madea uncovers that Cora really gave Mr. Brown and Agnes pot. Practically on signal, Mr. Brown, who is high on maryjane is on the rooftop, in his clothing with a bed sheet hung around his back, going about as the “Earthy colored Panther” and leaps off the rooftop gettng himself took out yet at the same time OK.

Soon thereafter, Laura and Ellie examine what occurred with Richard and Sylvia, and afterward Madea comes in and recounts when her “flat mate” Rosa Parks “purportedly” took her beau in 1955, unintentionally beginning the Montgomery transport blacklist and the Civil Rights development in general.

The following morning, Agnes drops by Madea’s home to apologize for the manner in which she acted the past night and requests some a greater amount of the chocolate-shrouded pot Madea had, making sense of the enthusiastic sensation she felt in the first part of the day. Madea uncovers it is her own personal recipe and that she will give it to Agnes. Then they begin hearing improper music close by (Cardi B’s WAP) and suspect it is Tim and Davi playing that music yet it is Bam’s telephone as a matter of fact. At the grill, pressures rise when Richard and Sylvia return, and Madea comes in simultaneously, Joe in this manner predicts “the situation going to spin out of control”. Davi begins to blow up with Richard which befuddles a portion of the relatives, this outcomes in a clench hand battle and Richard winds up hitting Laura unintentionally. Davi inquires as to whether she is alright, referring to her as “child”. Davi makes sense of that he had been seeing Laura for the beyond two years, which rankles a portion of the relatives, including Tim. Davi even ventures to propose to Laura, who declines the proposition.

Later at night, Laura examines with Ellie how she and Davi got together; she was visiting Tim in school, and keeping in mind that sitting tight for him with Davi the two got drawn to one another and at last began dating, yet stayed quiet about it from Tim until graduation. However at that point Laura communicates disarray when she discovered that Davi was returning to Ireland. Ellie then questions her the genuine explanation declined Davi’s proposition. In the interim, Tim is playing ball and Davi comes to him attempting to apologize however Tim doesn’t excuse Davi. Afterward, Laura goes to Madea to discuss the show that happened at the grill. Madea advises her to have an OK outlook on it and apologize.

Laura then leaves the room, playfully advising Madea to partake in her weed. Madea then, at that point, heads toward Tim and persuades him to excuse Davi. At the graduation, Madea and the family are sitting in the first column, trusting that Tim will give his discourse. Tim suddenly tears up the discourse he planned to give and conveys an alternate one based on his family and apologizes to Davi and his mom Laura, he likewise gives credit to every one of the individuals from his family for all the adoration and backing throughout the long term, and when Tim gives credit to his dad Richard, Madea then, at that point, begins interfering with and offending Richard.

After the graduation is over the family heads toward salute Tim and Davi, where Tim let Davi know that he supports him having a relationship with Laura. Then, Davi gets on one knee and proposes again to Laura who at long last says OK. In the wake of perceiving how in affection Davi is with Laura, Agnes gives him her approval to remain. And afterward makes sense of that his granddad won’t have to know this; noteworthy that he’s in jail for laying down with a sheep in an inn. From that point onward, Agnes and Cathy prepare to leave to return to Ireland when Agnes goes to express farewell to Madea and says thanks to her for the recipe. During that discussion, Agnes requests that Madea visit Ireland, which Madea has been mistaking with Iran for the entire film and says she can’t go on the grounds that “there is an excess of sand”. Madea and Agnes say their farewells one final time and afterward she leaves, finishing the film.

As the credits roll, Madea takes on the appearance of Beyonce and spoofs her 2018 presentation at Coachella, singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. She then, at that point, spoofs Mary J. Blige and does a few melodies by her. We then see an in the background video of Madea (as Madea J. Blige) saying something crediting the artists and others for assisting with the presentation.


  • Tyler Perry as: Mabel “Madea” Simmons
  • Joe Simmons
  • Cassi Davis-Patton as Aunt Bam

2022 A Madea Homecoming Comedy Movie – Trailer

2022 A Madea Homecoming Comedy Movie – Download Torrent

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