2022 I Want You Back Hollywood Romantic Movie Download Torrent

2022 I Want You Back Hollywood Romantic Movie

I Want You Back is a 2022 American lighthearted comedy movie coordinated by Jason Orley from a screenplay composed by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. The film stars Charlie Day and Jenny Slate as two as of late unloaded outsiders who collaborate to undermine the new connections of their exes (Gina Rodriguez and Scott Eastwood). Manny Jacinto, Clark Backo, and Mason Gooding additionally star. It was carefully delivered on February 11, 2022, by Amazon Studios. The film got commonly certain surveys from pundits.

2022 I Want You Back Hollywood Romantic Movie – Download Torrent

2022 I Want You Back Hollywood Romantic Movie


In Atlanta, 30-year-olds Peter and Emma are each unloaded by their particular better halves: Peter’s sweetheart Anne feels smothered by the smugness of their six-year relationship, and Emma’s beau Noah is deterred by her absence of obligation. Peter and Emma are both shattered, however after an opportunity meeting they become companions and attempt to help each other explore their separations. Emma trusts in Peter that she thought about Noah her “plane security cover individual”: the individual she adored such a lot of that she’d put on his crisis plane breathing device before her own, which Peter excuses as something senseless to at any point do. One frantic evening, Emma and Peter devise a technique to win back their exes by separating their new connections: Emma will allure Anne’s new sweetheart Logan, and Peter intends to get to know Noah to persuade him to separation with his new sweetheart Ginny.

Peter persuades Noah to be his fitness coach, while Emma volunteers for Logan’s center school creation of Little Shop of Horrors. Peter and Emma additionally develop nearer; he uncovers his fantasy about opening his own nursing home and she concedes her absence of desire is because of her dad’s terminal disease. Peter and Noah bond, while Emma effectively dazzles Logan by claiming to share his adoration for theater, staggering him with an enthusiastic presentation of “Abruptly, Seymour”. She likewise helps a pained understudy, Trevor, by furnishing him with direction for exploring his dad’s extramarital issue.


Subsequent to visiting a dance club together, Peter persuades Noah to return home and take MDMA with three young ladies, just to gain proficiency with the young ladies are minors. In the wake of escaping, Noah tells Peter he will propose to Ginny, sadly. Peter breaks into Ginny and Noah’s to establish counterfeit proof of Noah’s unfaithfulness yet can’t do it, and on second thought observers Noah’s genuine proposition. In the interim, Emma figures out how to talk an anxious Logan and a reluctant Anne into endeavoring a trio, however Anne eventually communicates her distress and leaves, having concluded she needs to get back with Peter. Reconvening, Peter tells Emma of Noah’s commitment and, on the grounds that he is continuing his relationship with Anne, contritely cuts contact with Emma, who is left devastated.

Unbeknownst to both of them, Peter and Emma are both welcome to Noah’s wedding in Savannah and they bring Anne and Logan as their dates. As Peter and Emma clumsily reconnect, she uncovers that she has moved out and is considering to turn into a school instructor. A humiliating experience results among all, and Peter acknowledges Anne never had faith in him, while Emma did, driving him to admit his affection for her before everybody. Emma uncovers they contrived to separate each other’s new accomplices, yet doesn’t respond affections for Peter. Anne and Logan say a final farewell to Peter and Emma while Ginny requests they leave the wedding and Noah punches Peter.

At an inn the next morning, Peter and Anne accommodate and concur they aren’t intended to be together. Emma apologizes to Noah, at last acknowledging they were not viable. Peter and Emma bring a similar trip back home, when weighty choppiness causes the breathing apparatuses to fall, and Peter surges out of his seat to assist Emma with putting her cover on first before his. As the disturbance dies down, Emma and Peter grin at each other.


  • Charlie Day as Peter
  • Jenny Slate as Emma
  • Scott Eastwood as Noah
  • Gina Rodriguez as Anne
  • Manny Jacinto as Logan

2022 I Want You Back Hollywood Romantic Movie – Trailer

2022 I Want You Back Hollywood Romantic Movie – Download Torrent

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