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2022 The Independent Hollywood Political Movie Download Torrent

2022 The Independent Hollywood Political Movie is coordinated by Amy Rice and composed by Evan Parter. It stars Jodie Turner-Smith, Brian Cox, Luke Kirby, Stephen Lang, Ann Dowd, and John Cena. The plot bases an on a columnist intrigue that could influence the consequences of a forthcoming official political decision. The film was delivered on spilling by Peacock on November 2, 2022.

2022 The Independent Hollywood Political Movie – Story and Torrent

2022 The Independent Hollywood Political Movie



Elisha “Eli” James, a journalist at the Washington Narrative, breaks the story that Yale College alum, Olympic gold medalist, and smash hit creator Nate Real is running as a free in the forthcoming official political race. His rivals are the disagreeable Majority rule occupant and Congressperson Patricia Turnbull, a conservative who, whenever chose, would be the principal female leader of the US. Eli becomes friends with her godlike object, Scratch Booker. She lets him know that she has uncovered an intrigue: Turnbull is stealing assets from the lottery (explicitly $1 for each $1000) and pirating them into her Super PAC (political activity board of trustees) to the detriment of the country’s state funded schools. Close to the furthest limit of the political race, Eli and Booker find that the culprit of the misrepresentation isn’t Turnbull yet Real. They converse with Real and inspire him to admit his contribution. In the interim, Eli’s dad passes on from disease. One more writer attempts to assume acknowledgment for Eli’s report. Rather than distributing it, the Washington Account fires the columnist. Eli and Booker choose to begin another news distribution, The Free, to illuminate the American public regarding reality. They distribute the report on Authentic and leave the Washington Annal.


  • Jodie Turner-Smith as Elisha “Eli” James
  • Brian Cox as Nick Booker
  • Ann Dowd as Patricia Turnbull a political candidate who, if elected, would become the first female president of the United States
  • John Cena as Nate Sterling, an independent running for office
  • Luke Kirby as Lucas Nicoli

2022 The Independent Hollywood Political Movie – Trailer

2022 The Independent Hollywood Political Movie – Download Torrent

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