2023 Beau Is Afraid Horror Movie Download Torrent

2023 Beau Is Afraid Horror Movie

2023 Beau Is Afraid Horror Movie is composed, coordinated, and co-delivered by Ari Aster. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as the title character, Playmate Wassermann, and furthermore incorporates a supporting group cast comprising of Patti LuPone, Nathan Path, Amy Ryan, Kylie Rogers, Parker Posey, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Hayley Assistants, Michael Gandolfini, Zoe Lister-Jones, Armen Nahapetian, and Richard Kind. Its plot follows the easygoing yet distrustfulness ridden Lover as he leaves on a dreamlike odyssey to return home to go to his mom’s burial service, understanding his biggest feelings of trepidation en route.

Beau Is Afraid, which was distributed by A24, had its world premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on April 1, 2023. On April 14, 2023, it began a limited theatrical release in the United States before going wide the following week. The movie got mostly good reviews from critics, but it only made $11 million at the box office.

2023 Beau Is Afraid Horror Movie

2023 Beau Is Afraid Horror Movie – Download Torrent


Lover Wasserman is the child of a renowned and well off money manager, Mona, who is liable for building an enormous combination realm. He doesn’t have a father because, according to his mother, he died the night Beau was born because he had an orgasmic heart murmur. As a youngster on a journey trip with his mom, Playmate meets and falls head over heels for a young lady named Elaine. The two kiss and vow to remain virgins until they meet again as grown-ups.


As a grown-up, Playmate is very restless and living alone in a wrongdoing ridden city. He gets ready so that a flight might be able to see his mom for the commemoration of his dad’s demise, yet misses his plane after his keys and gear are taken from his entryway. Beau attempts to explain the situation by calling his mother, but she rejects him. In the wake of having been locked out by unhinged vagrants for the evening, he endeavors to call his mom, just to have it replied by an UPS driver who lets him know that she was beheaded in a mishap, after a crystal fixture fell on her head. After savage showdowns with an interloper at home, then, at that point, by a cop and a killer in the city, Lover is hit by a food truck.

Playmate awakens injured two days after the fact in the place of a wedded couple, Elegance and Roger, who live with their angsty young girl Toni, and care for an unsound veteran named Jeeves, who was their late child’s fight pal after he was killed in real life. Lover calls Mona’s lawyer, Dr. Cohen, who rebukes him and illuminates Playmate that in spite of the Jewish custom to let the body go quickly, her last desire was not to be covered until he was available. Beau must rest until he heals, though Roger promises to take him as soon as possible to his mother’s estate. Toni attempts to kill herself by forcing Beau to drink paint from a can on the day he gets out of prison. Grace violently blames Beau for Toni’s death when she sees Beau standing over her body. Grace dispatches Jeeves to Beau’s location as he flees into the woods.

Lost in the wild, Playmate happens upon a gathering of voyaging theater entertainers named “The Vagrants of the Woods”. He is welcome to their practice and becomes hypnotized by the play, envisioning himself as the hero, who goes through his whole time on earth searching for his family after they are isolated by a flood. A man approaches Lover and illuminates him that he knew his dad, who he says is as yet alive. Jeeves ambushes the troupe and kills a number of actors in the process; Lover escapes further into the forest.

Lover catches a ride the remainder of the way to his mom’s bequest, just to find that he has recently missed her burial service. When a woman arrives late for the service, Beau wakes up from a nap and realizes it is Elaine. They have sex before they reconnect. Lover is frightened that he will kick the bucket after peaking yet is feeling better when he makes due. Elaine, nonetheless, kicks the bucket mid-climax, her body frozen solid. Mona then shows up from the shadows and uncovers that she has been alive and keeping an eye on him up and down his excursion. Beau demands to know the truth about his father after she tricks him into thinking he doesn’t love her enough. Mona takes him to the upper room, where Playmate discovers that he has a twin sibling, yet that his dad is really a goliath penis-molded beast. At that point, Jeeves breaks into the house and is killed by the beast. After further debasing from his mom, an incensed Lover momentarily endeavors to choke her before she implodes.

In shock, Lover leaves the domain on a speedboat. The boat’s engine starts to stall after entering a cave, and he suddenly finds himself in a crowded arena; he is placed being investigated for apparent affronts against his mom, with Mona and Dr. Cohen going about as investigators and a modest legal counselor guarding Lover. With his feet stuck to the boat, Playmate attempts to fight for him and appeal to his mom, however she doesn’t answer. He decides to accept his fate, realizing that his situation is hopeless. The engine detonates, overturning the boat and suffocating Playmate. The group quietly leaves the field with Dr. Cohen and Mona, who wails wildly.


  • Joaquin Phoenix as Beau Wassermann
  • Armen Nahapetian as young Beau
  • Patti LuPone as Mona Wassermann
  • Zoe Lister-Jones as young Mona

2023 Beau Is Afraid Horror Movie – Trailer

2023 Beau Is Afraid Horror Movie – Download Torrent

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