2023 The Exorcist: Believer Hollywood Horror Movie Download Torrent

2023 The Exorcist: Believer Hollywood Horror Movie

2023 The Exorcist: Believer Hollywood Horror Movie is coordinated by David Gordon Green, who co-composed the screenplay with Peter Sattler from a story by Scott Overflows, Danny McBride, and Green. The 6th portion in The Exorcist establishment, it fills in as a spin-off of The Exorcist (1973).[5] The film stars Leslie Odom Jr., Lidya Jewett, Olivia O’Neill in her film debut, Jennifer Brambles, Norbert Leo Butz and Ann Dowd, alongside Ellen Burstyn and Linda Blair repeating their jobs from the first film. Its plot follows a picture taker who should stand up to the nadir of evil when his girl and her dearest companion are moved by.

Jason Blum filled in as a maker on the film through his Blumhouse Creations standard, close by David and James G. Robinson through their Morgan Spring Diversion flag, in relationship with leader makers Green and McBride’s Unpleasant House Pictures. The venture started as a continuation of the first film in December 2020. General Pictures teamed up with Peacock to gain dispersion privileges in June 2021 for $400 million, with expectations of sending off another set of three of The Exorcist films. Head photography occurred between November 2022 and Walk 2023 on a creation financial plan of $30 million.

The Exorcist: Devotee was delivered in the US on October 6, 2023, and has earned $57 million around the world. It got negative surveys from pundits, who felt it neglected to arrive at the level and effect of the first film in spite of sincere endeavors in a re-visitation of structure for the series.[6] A continuation, entitled The Exorcist: Backstabber, is booked to be delivered on April 18, 2025.


2023 The Exorcist: Believer Hollywood Horror Movie

2023 The Exorcist: Believer Hollywood Horror Movie – Download Torrent


In Haiti, photographic artist Victor Handling and his pregnant spouse Sorenne, favored by a voodoo specialist, are on their wedding trip until a huge quake results. Sorenne is seriously harmed, and paramedics tell Victor he should decide to save either his significant other or his unborn kid, Angela.

After thirteen years, Victor has lost his confidence in God since Sorenne’s passing, while at the same time raising Angela on his own in Georgia. One day after school, Angela wanders into the forest with her Baptist closest companion Katherine to play out a custom trying to contact Angela’s mom. Victor understands his girl is missing and contacts Katherine’s folks, Miranda and Tony, as a three-day manhunt results.

The young ladies are tracked down in a stable on the third day; however damaged, they appear to be moderately typical and are brought back home, having just endured consume imprints to their feet. The following day, Angela unexpectedly goes after Victor and starts writhing, while Katherine has an eruption during a chapel gathering in which the ceremony of Sacred Fellowship is noticed. Victor concedes Angela into emergency clinic where their medical caretaker neighbor Ann takes care of her, and Miranda starts to guess that the young ladies ventured out to Damnation and carried a devil back with them, subsequently the consumes to their feet.

The young ladies’ condition deteriorates as their consumes become more serious. Ann, persuaded that Angela is had after the last option uncovers her insight into Ann’s involvement with the newcomer as an imminent sister, which finished after a pregnancy that brought about an early termination, gives Victor a book composed by Chris MacNeil, who encountered a comparative circumstance with her little girl Regan in 1973.[a] Chris has consumed her time on earth exploring expulsions in each culture while becoming widely acclaimed for her examinations. In any case, Regan became far off from her mom because of the diary’s prosperity and has not seen her since.

Victor looks so that Chris and takes her to the emergency clinic might be able to see Angela prior to going to Katherine’s home. While Victor takes care of Miranda and Tony, Chris goes higher up and starts to play out her own redemption custom on Katherine. Katherine cuts Chris on different occasions in the eyes with a cross, blinding her, and she is hurried to the medical clinic.

Victor, Miranda, Tony, and Ann contact the Congregation for an expulsion. Chris encourages Victor to utilize techniques from various societies, and the gathering looks for the assistance of Wear Revans, Katherine’s family’s Baptist minister; Stuart, a Pentecostal evangelist; furthermore, Dr. Beehibe, a rootwork healer. The gathering plans an ecumenical expulsion, however the nearby Catholic ward disallows Father Maddox from taking an interest as they feel that the kids are experiencing a mental problem.

The young ladies are attached to seats as the gathering continues with the expulsion. Ann utilizes a cross with the Holy person Benedict Decoration engraved on it to fight the evil presence. The evil spirit uncovers that Victor didn’t decide to keep Angela alive quite a while back; he picked Sorenne however she kicked the bucket from her wounds. As Ann peruses from the scriptural text of Ezekiel 16, the devil starts to scream.

The evil presence lets him know that he really wants to pick which of the young ladies will live and which one will pass on, and in the event that a decision isn’t made, it will kill them both. While Miranda and Victor both decline to neglect each other’s youngster, Maddox, who has a shift in perspective, rejoins the gathering. Maddox peruses from the Roman Custom, just for the devil, Lamashtu, to snap his neck and kill him. Victor recovers his confidence and starts to ask the Master’s Request, which he advanced as a youngster. As Victor apologizes to Angela and utilizes Sorenne’s scarf to endeavor to fortify her against the devil, Tony shouts that he picks Katherine, and Angela flatlines.

Out of nowhere, the devil uncovers the one that was picked would be the person who kicked the bucket. Katherine shouts for her folks as the evil presence hauls her to Heck, while Angela begins to relax. Police show up as Miranda and Tony neglect to revive Katherine and Victor mournfully reunites with his girl.

In the fallout, Victor visits Sorenne’s grave, Miranda and Tony grieve the deficiency of Katherine, and Angela gets back to school. In the emergency clinic, Chris is brought together with Regan, who pardons her mom, and they sincerely embrace.


  • Leslie Odom Jr. as Victor Fielding
  • Lidya Jewett as Angela Fielding
  • Olivia O’Neill as Katherine
  • Jennifer Nettles as Miranda

2023 The Exorcist: Believer Hollywood Horror Movie – Trailer

2023 The Exorcist: Believer Hollywood Horror Movie – Download Torrent

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