2023 Totally Killer Comedy Movie Download Torrent

2023 Totally Killer Comedy Movie

2023 Totally Killer Comedy Movie is coordinated by Nahnatchka Khan from a screenplay by David Matalon, Sasha Perl-Raver, and Jen D’Angelo, and a screen story by Matalon and Perl-Raver.[3] Delivered by Jason Blum, under his Blumhouse TV standard, and Adam Hendricks and Greg Gilreath under their Separation/Overcome pennant, it stars Kiernan Shipka, Olivia Holt, and Julie Bowen. The story follows Jamie (Shipka) who, after her mom is killed by a similar Sweet 16 Executioner who went on a homicide binge 35 years sooner, turns back the clock to 1987, where she joins together with her mom to discover the executioner during his unique binge and return to her timetable before she is caught in the past for eternity.

Absolutely Executioner debuted at Phenomenal Fest on September 28, 2023, and was delivered on Amazon Prime Video on October 6, 2023.

2023 Totally Killer Comedy Movie

2023 Totally Killer Comedy Movie – Story and Download Torrent


In the humble community of Vernon, on October 27, 29, and 31, 1987, three young ladies named Tiffany Clark, Marisa Melody, and Heather Hernandez were killed by the Sweet 16 Executioner, each having been wounded multiple times on the evenings of their sixteenth birthday celebrations.


In the current day, youngster Jamie Hughes shows up for a show with her companion Amelia on Halloween night while her mom, Pam, stays at home. Pam used to be companions with the three casualties of the Sweet 16 Executioner, and keeping in mind that distributing treats, she is gone after by the executioner, who wounds her to death. As Jamie laments Pam’s passing, she assists Amelia with investing the last little details on an energy machine she made for a school project and is drawn closer by journalist Chris Dubasage, who tells her that Pam got a note from the executioner that she kept secret: ” You’re straightaway, at some point.”

Around evening time, Jamie is pursued by the executioner and conceals in the time machine, which actuates and sends her back to 1987. That’s what she understands assuming she stops the Sweet 16 Executioner’s unique binge, she can save Pam’s life. Jamie, taking on the appearance of a student from abroad from Canada, finds that Pam and her companions were scorned by everybody in the town as they were menaces. Jamie figures out how to persuade Amelia’s mom, Lauren, and a young person named Doug, her school’s present-day head, to help her. Despite the fact that Jamie figures out how to invade a party facilitated by Tiffany, she can’t stop her homicide. Utilizing the injury to security with Pam, she penetrates their gathering and persuades them to leave for the end of the week, albeit this explosions; they end up at the lodge where Marisa was killed in the first timetable. As Jamie attempts to safeguard Marisa, Heather is killed all things considered, changing the course of events.

On Halloween night, the gathering reconvenes at the event congregation while Lauren deals with transforming a famous fascination into a stopgap time machine for Jamie to go ahead. In the present, Chris assists Amelia with fixing their time machine as they understand the course of events is evolving. The gathering draws the Sweet 16 Executioner into a spooky place where he goes after them, just to be skewered by Kara, the future town sheriff, with a grass cutter. Doug is uncovered as the executioner, looking for retribution on the gathering for the demise of his better half Trish. Marisa uncovers that she, Tiffany, and Heather got Trish tanked one evening and allowed her drive to home, with her perishing in a mishap; Pam, be that as it may, was absent. As Jamie asks why Pam got the note, a subsequent executioner shows up and cuts Marisa’s throat.

The subsequent executioner pursues Jamie, killing Chris’ dad en route. The two go head to head in the new time machine as it enacts and the executioner is uncovered to be Chris from the present. Doug was the first executioner, however Chris killed Pam and manufactured the note to create more happy for his digital broadcast. The two battle and Jamie kicks him into the turning machine, killing him. After getting back to the current day, she observes that Pam is as yet alive. Since Jamie’s folks got together sooner than they had initially, she presently has a more established sibling named Jamie and her name is currently Colette.


  • Kiernan Shipka as Jamie Hughes / Colette
  • Olivia Holt as teen Pam Miller
  • Julie Bowen as adult Pam Hughes (née Miller)
  • Charlie Gillespie as teen Blake Hughes
  • Lochlyn Munro as adult Blake Hughes

2023 Totally Killer Comedy Movie – Trailer

2023 Totally Killer Comedy Movie – Download Torrent

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