Dangerous Lies 2020 Thriller Movie Download Torrent

Dangerous Lies 2020 Thriller Movie

Dangerous Lies 2020 Thriller Movie is coordinated by Michael Scott from a screenplay by David Golden. It stars Camila Mendes, Jessie T. Usher, Jamie Chung, Cam Gigandet, Sasha Alexander, Elliott Gould and Radhesh Aria. It was discharged on April 30, 2020, by Netflix.

Dangerous Lies 2020 Thriller Movie – Movie Details and Download Torrent

Dangerous Lies 2020 Thriller Movie


Katie and Adam are a youthful hitched couple who are battling to take care of their tabs. Katie is working nightshifts at a coffee shop while Adam is considering. One night, they are making out in their vehicle throughout Katie’s break. They return into the burger joint to locate a furnished looter compromising the staff. Adam sneaks up on the looter and takes him out. He is hailed a legend while the burglar goes to prison.

After four months, Katie is filling in as a parental figure for Leonard, an older well off man who develops near her. Adam has stopped school and is attempting to get a new line of work that pays well so they can take care of their obligation. Leonard discloses to Katie he continues hearing commotions in his home during the night.


At some point, Katie educates Leonard concerning her budgetary battles. Leonard demands getting her out with cash, yet Katie requests that he give Adam an occupation as his nursery worker rather, which he does? The nursery has been a wreck since the last plant specialist quit appearing one day. A relentless realtor, Hayden, shows up and inquires as to whether he can purchase the house. Katie cannot. Unbeknownst to Katie and Adam, Hayden begins to watch them all the time.

Before long, Leonard composes Katie a $7,000 check. Katie wouldn’t like to acknowledge it, yet Adam persuades her to utilize the check to cover the tabs that are expected and take care of the rest to Leonard. The following day, they show up at Leonard’s home to discover him dead, leaving Katie crushed.

The couple additionally finds a trunk brimming with money. Adam needs to take the cash and Katie hesitantly concurs so they can take care of their obligation. They illuminate the police regarding Leonard’s demise and are addressed by analyst Chesler. At the point when Adam returns to the house to acquire the cash, a strange interloper takes him out, however doesn’t discover the money. They choose to place it in a wellbeing store box.

At Leonard’s burial service they meet his lawyer, Julia, who informs them regarding his will. Katie has been left everything, and the couple along these lines move into the house. While Katie is hesitant to acknowledge the legacy and is stressed somebody may discover over the cash they covered up, Adam turns out to be progressively avaricious. He longs for costly get-away just as extravagance things and mulls over evading the demise charge.

Hayden returns and compromises Katie, demanding that he should purchase the house. She brutally cannot. As Adam returns he reveals to her that he accepts he is being followed, Katie understands that Hayden is after them. Analyst Chesler gets dubious of Adam and begins to examine the conditions encompassing Leonard’s demise and the theft at the coffee shop.

While investigating the living space over the carport, Katie finds a body with uncashed checks written to Leonard’s past cultivator, Ethan Doyle, who clearly kicked the bucket from a discharge wound a while prior. She likewise finds a sack of precious stones on the body. Katie needs to call Detective Chesler, yet Adam persuades all her the precious stones. He dumps the body and consumes all proof of Ethan’s presence.

Investigator Chesler proposes to Katie the likelihood that Adam and the shooter at the coffee shop knew one another, since he worked at the college Adam was joining in. Katie turns out to be progressively dubious of Adam, particularly subsequent to finding a vacant jug of pills that wasn’t represented in the logbook of Leonard’s drugs. She meets with Julia to examine a game-plan. Julia cautions Katie about Adam double-crossing her and says the police are going to acquire a court order on her home. At the point when they investigate the wellbeing store box, the cash is no more. Julia suspects that Adam took it and is intending to flee, leaving Katie as a suspect in Leonard’s demise. She advises Katie to get him to the house and call her.

When Katie faces Adam about the cash, he discloses to her he discovered that Hayden is really a gem criminal who was as of late discharged from jail, and not simply the realtor he depicted to be. They understand that Ethan was Hayden’s sly accomplice and Hayden murdered him to get a lot of the precious stones. Ethan, mortally injured, fled to Leonard’s home where he passed on. Hayden realizes the precious stones are concealed some place in the house and is anxious to discover them. Adam persuades Katie that they should leave. Katie concurs.

While Adam is preparing, Katie calls Julia to reveal to her Adam wasn’t anticipating leaving her. Her call is hindered when Hayden appears and holds Katie at gunpoint, requesting the precious stones. Hayden and Adam trade gunfire and both are executed. Katie hurries to Adam’s side, the exact opposite thing he says to her is “in the nursery” before he bites the dust of his injuries.

Out of nowhere, Julia shows up. Katie discloses to her that Hayden was the person who slaughtered Leonard, giving him an overdose of his medicine. She additionally reveals to her that Leonard guaranteed he heard somebody in the house around evening time, who more likely than not been Hayden breaking in and scanning for the jewels. Julia goes after Hayden’s weapon and holds Katie at gunpoint, uncovering that she is a piece of the plot. She had met Hayden during her open safeguard obligations and organized everything, including Leonard’s fashioned last will, to get a portion of the precious stones. She requests the jewels however Katie reveals to her Adam shrouded them some place and she doesn’t have a clue about the area. Analyst Chesler shows up in time and shoots Julia.

After four months, Katie is demonstrated to be pregnant and planting outside. Chesler reveals to her that the case is shut and that Adam would be kept off of the rundown of suspects, keeping his notoriety and memory unblemished. Chesler discusses how they looked through the house start to finish for the precious stones yet discovered nothing. Again, Katie discloses to her that she despite everything has no clue about where the precious stones are. In the last shot, Katie turns the sprinklers on and leaves the nursery. The water moves the dirt aside and the precious stones are demonstrated to be covered under a tree, understanding Adam’s withering words.

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  • Camila Mendes as Katie Franklin
  • Jessie T. Usher as Adam Kettner
  • Jamie Chung as Julia Byron-Kim
  • Cam Gigandet as Mickey Hayden

Dangerous Lies 2020 Thriller Movie – Download Torrent

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