The Main Event 2020 Comedy Movie Download Torrent

The Main Event 2020 Comedy Movie

The Main Event is a 2020 American parody movie coordinated by Jay Karas, from a screenplay by Larry Postel and featuring Seth Carr, Tichina Arnold, Ken Marino and Adam Pally. It was discharged on April 10, 2020, by Netflix.

The Main Event 2020 Comedy Movie – Movie Details and Download Torrent

The Main Event 2020 Comedy Movie


A little fellow, Leo (Seth Carr), has a fantasy about being a fruitful WWE grappler. His Grandma Denise (Tichina Arnold) is steady of his adoration for wrestling. Leo’s father, Steve (Adam Pally) and Denise send him off to class. Leo’s folks are separated and his mother took off. Leo rides his bicycle to class, where he gets together with his companions. They get harassed by another kid who prods their affection for wrestling. Ms. Cartwright, an educator, intercedes and sends them to the head.

After school closes, the harassers face him and pursue him on their bicycles, yet Leo figures out how to stow away inside a house which is holding a bequest deal. Inside, Leo finds a crate with a wrestling cover inside. He takes it home after the man in control gives him consent. At home, he sees an ad for a WWE rivalry. Afterward, during a contention among Steve and Denise, Leo catches how his mother left Steve for another person and is additionally making some hard memories making home installments.


Leo goes to his room and takes a stab at the veil. Out of nowhere there is a significant change in him where his voice extends, and takes on an unprecedented solid character. He understands that he has super quality. He does a Google search and finds the cover is noted in a legend that solitary a really meriting champion can utilize its forces.

At school, Leo stands up to his domineering jerks, and utilizing the cover overwhelms them. Erica, a classmate he has been keen on, is intrigued and they become companions. Be that as it may, he is rebuffed and sent home from school. Leo chooses to try out for the wrestling rivalry, and wearing the cover. Eventually, it comes down to him and grappler Smooth Operator (Keith Lee) as the finalists. Leo beats Smooth and turns into the finalist for the opposition, and he would go facing well known grappler Samson.

Leo’s notoriety starts to distance his companions and even Erica. He later acknowledges and admits to Denise that he figured the veil would tackle the entirety of his issues, yet things are just deteriorating. Leo apologizes to his companions, and they pardon him.

Samson and his administrator switch Leo’s veil with a normal one. The opposition starts, and Steve watches on TV at home. Samson mercilessly beats Leo, and Leo understands the veil is a phony. Steve races to the match. Leo moves up the network encompassing the ring to cover up and understands that Samson fears statures. He insults Samson to ascend and makes him pass unconscious. he hopes down on head of him, authoritatively dominating the match.

Leo gets the $50,000 check and an agreement with NXT, however admits on TV that he is just 11. They acknowledge the cash however pass the open door for the wrestling contract over to Smooth. WWE revealed to Leo when he is more seasoned, there will be a spot for him in the association. After fourteen days, Leo is on the school wrestling crew. Leo has picked up certainty without the cover and he has the chance to wrestle his domineering jerk with his father supporting him from the crowd.

The Main Event 2020 Comedy Movie – Trailer


  • Seth Carr as Leo
  • Tichina Arnold as Grandma
  • Ken Marino as Frankie
  • Aryan Simhadri as Riyaz
  • Momona Tamada as Erica

The Main Event 2020 Comedy Movie – Download Torrent

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